My Studio Equipment

In my studio, I use 3 different keyboards.

The Yamaha P90 digital piano.

This is the finest digital piano I have ever played.
It is a full 88 weighted key instrument and it is easyly transportable.
Picture of the Yamaha P90 keyboard.

The Roland Fantom X7 keyboard.

This is my favorite keyboard.
This is a 76 key instrument with over 3,000 digital instruments to select from.
You probably couldn't name an instrument that it doesn't have on board.
Picture of the Roland Fantom X7 keyboard.

The Yamaha Tyros 3 keyboard.

This is the flagship of the Yamaha line of keyboards.
This is a 61 key machine with a 80 gb hard drive installed from the factory.
A lot of my drum tracks are from this keyboard.
It also, has a vocal harmonizer built in for your voice.
The harmonizer can produce two part harmony up to 5 part using your voice.
The song amazing Grace on my main page is an example of that.<> Picture of the Tyros 3 keyboard.

The Roland Pk5 midi bass pedals.

For the bass, I use the Roland PK5 midi bass pedals
There are 13 pedals on this unit and it is placed on the floor.
It is played by my left foot when I am playing live.
It is connected to other equipment, such as the Roland Fantom X7 keyboard.
The PK5 pedals can use any sound that the X7 has to offer.
Most of the time, you would use a bass guitar sound.
Picture of the Roland PK5 midi bass pedals.

The Alesis Sr18 drum machine.

This machine is a new unit just out on the market.
It is 100 percent digital and the drums samples are high grade.
The drum samples are taken from real drum sounds.
It comes with 100 factory paterns that can be used right out of the box.
The owner can also program 100 paterns for his own use.
There are 500 drum sounds you can select from to create your own drum kit.
Picture of the Alesis SR18 drum machine.

The Yamaha Mg166cx audio mixer.

All of this equipment is plugged in to the Yamaha Mg166cx 16 channel mixer board.
Here each piece of equipment can be adjusted for sound.
Such things as volume, tone and effects, reverb or echo can be adjusted.
Then the mixer board is connect to a set of studio speakers or headphones.
In my case, the mixer board is also connected to my computer.
Picture of the Yamaha MG166cx audio mixer. This way, I can use software on my computer to record my audio tracks.
The software I use is called Cakewalk Sonar producer 10.
It is like a word processor but it processes and edits audio.

The Shure Beta 57a microphone.

I almost forgot, I use the Shure Beta 87a microphone for vocals.
This is a high grade performance microphone.
Picture of the Shure Beta 57a microphone. Return to my main page