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About These Songs

All the songs on this page, were recorded live at the Hideaway lounge where I work.
They were recorded on the fly and you will hear crowd noises and even my mistakes.
Also, you will hear singers who are friends of mine.
These are folks, that love to perform and have fun.
  1. Listen to Dave Shake perform Any Time
  2. Listen to Dave Shake perform Cracy
  3. Listen to Dave Shake perform Time Slips Away
  4. Listen to Dave Shake perform Running Bear
  5. Listen to Charlie perform To Cold at Home
  6. Listen to Sandy perform Bill Bailey
  7. Listen to Sandy perform When Your Smiling
  8. Listen to Terri perform White Christmas.
  9. Listen to Terri perform Will you Still Love me Tomorrow
  10. Listen to Terri perform I Fall to Pieces
  11. Listen to Terri perform Pontoon
  12. Listen to Terri and Joe perform The Rose
  13. Listen to Terri perform Top of the World
  14. Listen to Terri perform Blue Bayou
  15. Listen to Terri perform I'll Have This Dance
  16. Listen to Terri perform Grandpa
  17. Listen to Terri perform Walking After Midnight
  18. Listen to Terri perform Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  19. Listen to Terri perform Cracy
  20. Listen to Bill Joe and Mark performing Digging Up Bones
  21. Listen to Bill, Mark, Joe and Bobbi perform The Ballad Of The Green Berets
  22. Listen to Grant perform My Girl
  23. Listen to Kelly perform Don't Get Around Much Any More
  24. Listen to Kelly perform On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  25. Listen to Barby perform Walking After Midnight
  26. Listen to Joy perform Your Nobody
  27. Listen to Joy perform You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
  28. Listen to Joy perform Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
  29. Listen to Joy perform Blanket On The Ground
  30. Listen to Stacie perform Grandpa
  31. Listen to Stacie perform Boot Scootin' Boogie
  32. Listen to Theresa perform Cracy
  33. Listen to Elmer perform Pretty Words
  34. Listen to Elmer perform Setum Up Joe
  35. Listen to Elmer perform I Like This Bar
  36. Listen to Elmer perform The Wild Side Of Life
  37. Listen to Elmer perform Burning Bridges
  38. Listen to Elmer perform Tenesee Whiskey
  39. Listen to Earl perform Waltz across Texas
  40. Listen to Earl perform Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  41. Listen to Earl perform Window Shopping
  42. Listen to Earl perform I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
  43. Listen to JC perform Cattle Call
  44. Listen to JC perform Don't Worry About Me
  45. Listen to Jc perform Carman
  46. Listen to Dennis Brooks perform Smoke Smoke Smoke
  47. Listen to Dennis Brooks perform Just My Desire
  48. Listen to Dennis Brooks perform Frankie And Johnny
  49. Listen to Dennis Brooks perform Just Bumming Around
  50. Listen to Dennis Brooks perform Big River
  51. Listen to Bobbi perform Break-it To Me Gently
  52. Listen to Bobbi perform The rose
  53. Listen to Bobbi perform Let It Be Me
  54. Listen to Bobbi perform Silver Bells
  55. Listen to Bobbi perform Bridge Over Trouble Waters
  56. Listen to Bobbi perform Harper Valley P.T.A.
  57. Listen to Bobbi perform The Rose V.2
  58. Listen to Bobbi perform Grandpa Tell Me About Them Good Old Days
  59. Listen to Bobbi perform Right Or Wrong
  60. Listen to Mark Joe and Bobbi perform Runaway
  61. Listen to Bobbi perform These Boots Are Made For Walking
  62. Listen to Bobbi perform Santa Baby
  63. Listen to Bobbi perform The End Of The World
  64. Listen to Dan perform Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes
  65. Listen to Chris perform Wind Beneath My wings
  66. Listen to Jerry perform Please Come Home for Christmas
  67. Listen to Jerry perform When Your Old Wedding Ring was New
  68. Listen to Jerry perform Dannyboy
  69. Listen to Jerry perform Sanfrancisco
  70. Listen to Jerry perform Dream Of You
  71. Listen to Jerry perform Pretty Paper
  72. Listen to Jerry perform White Christmas
  73. Listen to Jerry perform The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
  74. Listen to Jerry perform One More For The Road
  75. Listen to Jerry perform Everybody Love's Somebody Sometimes
  76. Listen to Jerry perform Someone To Watch Over Me
  77. Listen to Jerry perform She Believes In Me
  78. Listen to Jerry perform Embraceable You
  79. Listen to Bill perform Take me Out to the Ballgame
  80. Listen to Bill perform The Ballad Of The Green Berets
  81. Listen to Bill perform Blue Berry Hill
  82. Listen to Bill perform Hay Good Lookin'
  83. Listen to Bill perform The Corvette Song
  84. Listen to Bill perform The Mightyship Titanic Song
  85. Listen to Bill perform Hello Mary Lou
  86. Listen to Simon perform I Don't Know Why
  87. Listen to Norma Ray perform Under The Boardwalk
  88. Listen to Norma Ray perform What A Difference A Day Made
  89. Listen to Norma Ray perform My Happiness
  90. Listen to Kelle perform Jingle Bell Rock
  91. Listen to Gladis perform Pretend
  92. Listen to Gladis I'll Have This Dance with Bobbi on harmony
  93. Listen to Jackie perform Sixteen Tons
  94. Listen to Bob perform He'll Have To Go
  95. Listen to Bob perform I Only Make Believe
  96. Listen to Bob perform Make The World Go Away
  97. Listen to Bob perform Help Me Make It Through The Night
  98. Listen to Bob perform The Wonder Of You
  99. Listen to Bob perform Devil In Diskies
  100. Listen to Bob perform Spanish Eyes
  101. Listen to Bob perform I Can Dream
  102. Listen to Bob perform Crying In The Chappo Version 1.
  103. Listen to Bob perform Crying In The Chappo with John on guitar Version 2.
  104. Listen to Bob perform Running Bear
  105. Listen to Bob perform Blue Hawaii
  106. Listen to Bob perform Suspicion
  107. Listen to Ricardo perform Its' Now Or Never
  108. Listen to Ricardo perform Your Cheatting Heart
  109. Listen to Jody perform Cracy
  110. Listen to Oliver perform Please Come Home For Christmas
  111. Listen to Mark perform Christmas From Dixie
  112. Listen to Mark perform The Christmas Song
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