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Saturday, February 17, 2018.
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My Music Recordings

I would like to thank Elmer Macke for the above photograph.

Thankyou Elmer!.
Hello folks, Hope you enjoy your visit.
Enjoy Whiter Shade of Pale recorded in my home studio, with the new Yamaha Genos keyboard.
Produced multi-tracked on the Yamaha Genos keyboard January 18 2018.
Judy and I would like to thankyou folks for stopping by.
Below is a link to some songs that I have recorded.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did recording all of them.


Feel free to comment on my music and this web site.
Let me know what your favorite song is on the site.

Also, if you don't see it, let me know what it is.
My email address is: jmkeybd1@charter.net

About These Songs

All the songs on this web site are actually played and recorded by me.
They were recorded playing live or by recording one track at a time, in my studio known as multi-tracking.
Some of these songs were done 15 years ago and others as late as yesterday.
You will find some links, show-casing myself, Judy and singers who are friends of mine.
Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Listen to all of Mark's songs recorded live or studio produced.
Listen to All of Joe's songs.
Listen to Live Recordings at the Hideaway Lounge where I work.
Listen to All of Judy's songs.
Listen to All of Mark and Judy's Christmas songs.
Listen to All of Elmer's songs.
Listen to All of Gene's songs.
Check out my life history.
Check out my equipment page.

Internet Show

Some time back, Judy and I did a show on the internet for the chat group I belong to.
This show is about 55 minutes long.
Listen to our internet show.
Listen to and interview about me on the Blind Like Me, weekly radio show.
Come back offen, this site is updated almost daily.

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