The Hide-Away Lounge is quite unique.

Dating back to the middle 50’s, it has maintained itself as a Piano Bar atmosphere.
We have live-music 6 nights a week and I have 4 of them. Wednesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday nights.
I sit against the wall at my electric Yamaha piano and Roland keyboard;
surrounded by a horseshoe shape bar and stools; lounge-singer style,, two feet away, patrons sit facing me.
I pound the keys for 4 hours without taking a break.
I do most of the numbers – country western, old standards and some jazz.
Sometimes I let people sing, if you're good; I won't make you sit down.
You must know the words to a song you want to sing.
This is not karaoke and I try my best to maintain a professional level of entertainment.
I started performing at the Hide away September 1987.
After 21 years I still enjoy my job and look forward to going to work and let myself unwind with my music.
With my lovely lady Judy, by my side, I perform my best and we really rock the night away.
We do a lot of duets together and she also, sings on her own.
With Judy's smooth sultry voice and good looks, we generally knock them dead.

From St. Louis Sauce Magazine 2005

As my friends and I pulled up to The Hide Away on Arsenal and peered through the outer windows,
the first thing we noticed was that most of the people bellied up to the bar
have probably been collecting Social Security checks for a long time.
My friends, a group of younger guys all looking for a night filled with chatting up young and lively ladies,
were not all that impressed. Nevertheless, we opened the door and headed in for what was soon to be an interesting evening
of Wednesday’s Seniors Night. The cozy, cabin-like atmosphere inside is definitely a welcome change
from the garish décor of most St. Louis nightspots. Also, the music isn't blaring techno or whining contemporary.
It's basically a low-lit place filled with high spirits and free-flowing talk.
Had it been located in a hidden basement somewhere, I could see this place having been a speakeasy.
All the patrons have an air of knowing a secret that you are not quite hip to, but if you stick around for a while,
they may just divulge the details.
There is a U-shaped bar surrounding the piano player and his equipment and with the main bar running along one wall.
It boasts a real-live piano player tickling the ivories to some golden oldies of the country music variety.
While the piano man played a trio of Johnny Cash songs – “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Ring of Fire” and “I walk the Line”
– a regular got up and took the singing part for “I Walk the Line.” In a two-word description, he rocked! His gravely voice,
and appreciation for the opportunity to use it, would have made the Man in Black proud.
We put in a request to play a song by The Doors on a $5 bet of whether the maestro could muster it and, sure enough,
the next song was “Light My Fire.”
The sometimes-sad country songs also make The Hide Away the perfect place to cry a tear in your beer if you feel so inclined.
The Hide Away is a real diamond in the rough, perfect if you are looking for a night of great music, and relaxed drinking with
some unpretentious people.
All you have to do to fit in is grab a drink and a table and refrain from using excessive profanity
There is a sign near the entrance that states: “Excessive profanity and vulgar language are not allowed.”
The crowd is older at this blast-from-the-past pub, and they have personality and make you feel welcome
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